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Controlling vehicle access has become as important as high security human identification.
Progress in contactless, RFID and Bluetooth® technologies means that moving vehicles can now be identified at a distance of several meters, facilitating access security in parking lots. This makes for smoother operations for organizations, especially at peak times, and ensures control of vehicles entering parking lots.

STid supports you in securing your parking lots.
We have developed innovative ranges of passive RFID UHF and Bluetooth® Smart readers and tags to optimize and improve vehicle flows. Our instinctive technologies combine security and ease of use.
STid solutions are designed to cover all Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) applications: access control for stationary or moving vehicles, driver identification, fleet management, weighing, etc.

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Smooth and secure parking access


Multi app

Unique multi-application solution

Thanks to our unique know-how, we have developed an innovative range of passive RFID readers and identifiers (no battery) to optimize parking lot access security and vehicle monitoring via Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI).

Our solutions can easily be used for access control or fleet management and parking applications. They can identify a vehicle or a driver.

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High-performance, reliable identification

Our long-range identification equipment offers exceptional performance: detection of a vehicle at up to 10m (33 feet), without the need for active technologies that are more expensive to purchase and maintain.

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Full range of innovative readers and tags

Our high-performance UHF readers are suitable for all types of environment. STid readers cover all your vehicle identification projects, whether for an integrated or remote antenna installation, or multi-lane identification.

Implementation requires no electronic configuration (Plug & Play) and is instantly compatible with existing architectures.

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Two key applications

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Identify the vehicle


Manage access rights for a vehicle on a site using aUHF tag/reader pair.

The tag is directly installed on the vehicle.

  • Moving vehicle identification
  • Quick, automatic access
  • Long-range identification
  • Single or multi-antenna solutions

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Identify the driver


Know who is driving the vehicle and manage site access using a card/reader pair.

The driver must present the card to be identified.

  • People identification
  • Same card can be used for all applications using a UHF or dual-frequency card (125 kHz, MIFARE®…)


Unsuitable access control risks:

  • Limited range and reader performances
  • Awkward set-up for users requiring 3 actions: stopping the vehicle, opening the window and almost touching the reader with the card
  • Lack of fluidity: increased risk of traffic bottleneck
  • Risk of vandalism or opportunistic theft

Examples of applications

  • Driver identification

    Picture showing the driver identification applications
  • Single lane identification of a mixed fleet of vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles etc.

    Picture showing the application for a single lane identification of a mixed fleet of vehicles
  • 2-lane vehicle identification

    Picture showing the application for a 2-lane vehicle identification
  • 4-lane simultaneous vehicle identification

    Picture showing the application for a 4-lane vehicle identification

Our AVI solutions


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UHF scalable long range reader - up to 4 antennas

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Gat nano badge iso

GAT nano

UHF hands-free compact readers

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ARC blue smartphone

Architect® Blue

RFID + Bluetooth® secure readers

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Teletag® is designed to be mounted on any type of windscreen.

It provides remote identification of a stationary or moving vehicle. It is suitable for all “4-wheeled” vehicles (car, van, truck, etc.) for all parking lot access control and fleet management applications.

  • Remote identification (up to 7m / 23 ft)
  • Unlimited lifespan (no battery)
  • Clever holder for temporary or permanent installation

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Picture of tele tags by STid Security

Our other vehicle & conductor identification tags

eta v2 vignette

ETA v2

windshield labels

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badge iso UHF

UHF cards

UHF ISO cards

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badge iso 13 56 UHF

13.56 MHz + UHF

Hybrid dual-frequency ISO cards

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badge iso 125 UHF

125 kHz + UHF

Hybrid dual-frequency ISO cards

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