3 questions to Maé Tholoniat, STid Product Marketing Manager

  Optimizing your access control system to reinforce security levels sometimes seems difficult. Anticipating  and understanding needs, requirements, uses cases, pitfalls and risks is a challenging task in itself. But the reality of a lack of information, budget limitations, complicated workflows or a corporate focus on productivity can prevent or slow down the migration to more secure technologies. Let's have a look at three key reasons to invest in technologies that will increase the security level of your organisation.

  The worldwide market in facial recognition continues to progress: it is expected to generate $7m dollars in revenue by 20241. The topic raises numerous questions regarding technology choices, the protection of privacy…

  Vehicle access control faces two seemingly contradictory challenges for Security Offices: securing access to car parks while ensuring fluidity. Tackling these challenges is essential in view of the fact that 7 out 10 employees use their car to get to work. Such a figure highlights the importance of providing new solutions to simplify user mobility.