Can you ensure the overall security of your facilities? Yes, starting with the parking lot access!

As the first point of entry to your facilities, the protection of a site includes effective and secure access control for vehicles and/or their drivers.

The issues
3 good reasons to secure your parking lot access

Secure and facilitate access to your parking lots


STid offers contactless identification solutions composed of readers and physical
or virtual access identifiers specially developed to:

  • Identify and secure access to your fleet of vehicles,
  • Identify and secure access to the driver,
  • Associate a driver with a vehicle for sensitive sites,
  • Provide a single access control solution with different profiles: management of visitors
    (dematerialised card with limited access, QR Code, etc.) and employees (TeleTag or dematerialised card)


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Fluid and instinctive identification

  • Long range and hands-free identification without any driver intervention
  • Fast and reliable reading
  • Easy to use for a better user experience

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Scalable & modular solution

  • Adapts to your organization's current and future needs
  • Management of a mixed fleet of vehicles and users
  • Multi-channel management (up to 4 channels) - incoming/outgoing with one reader

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Higher levels of security

  • Non-cloneable encrypted / signed identifiers
  • Secure communications via SSCP® or OSDP™ protocol
  • EAL5+ certified secure storage of keys in the reader

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Easy to integrate & install

  • Compatible with all access control systems on the market
  • No maintenance & unlimited lifetime of the UHF identifiers
  • Installation in the most demanding environments

STid readers

Our readers provide fast and secure hands-free access. No need to roll down the window or get out of the car thanks to UHF and Bluetooth® contactless identification technologies, improving both traffic flow and convenience.

Produits 300 SPECTRE


Long range UHF reader - 1 to 4 antennas

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Produits 300 SNA


UHF + Bluetooth® compact medium range reader

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Produits 300 ARC

Architect® Blue

MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 & EV3 + Bluetooth® modular access control readers

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STid credentials

STid offers a complete range of UHF EPC1 GEN2 passive or virtual Bluetooth® credentials in various formats for long-range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and for their drivers.

  • Various formats to meet all your demanding applications
  • Virtually unlimited lifespan of passive UHF tags (battery-free operation vs. active tags): no maintenance, same reading performance, better ROI...
  • Perfect integration into your existing ecosystem with the use of a single STid Mobile ID® virtual card for vehicle and pedestrian access
  • Numerous possibilities of personalization: encoding, numbering, printing of your logo...

Produits ID 300 1

UHF Tags & Labels

Windshield installation



Produits ID 300 2

UHF rugged tags

Installation on metal


Produits ID 300 3

ISO cards & Key fobs

UHF or dual-frequency


Produits ID 300 4

Virtual cards

with STid Mobile ID® application

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100% compatible with the SSCP® standard

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The Secure & Smart Communication Protocol (SSCP®) secures the communication of physical and logical access control equipment.
SPAC® is the European organization supported by ANSSI whose mission is to enable companies to be independent and autonomous in managing their security with open and sustainable solutions. SPAC® brings the SSCP® protocol to the European level to meet the highest security requirements.




Use case

  • 1 lane identification of a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles: car, truck, motorcycle...

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  • Single lane identification of vehicle and/or driver

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  • Lateral driver identification

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  • Identification incoming / outgoing

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  • Simultaneous identification of up to 4 lanes

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  • Identification combined with a passage detector - Enforcement

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  • Bus identification - Bus station

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