High security readers (WAL, Architect®, interfaces)

High security readers (WAL, Architect®, interfaces)

STid offers a wide range of upgradable readers and smart interfaces, compliant with all the RFID MIFARE® chips (Ultralight®, Classic, Plus, DESFire® EV1 & EV2, etc.) and NFC (HCE) mobile technologies. The readers are well suited for all your high Security access control applications.

  • Architect® MIFARE® DESFIRE®

    Architect® MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 reader range! Find out and compose your Architect® Blue reader from a wide range of features: mullion or standard card readers, capacitive keypad or...

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  • Architect® MIFARE® DESFIRE® QR Code readers

    Discover our Architect® QR Code reader range! Our multi-technology RFID and NFC  readers are equipped with a QR code / Barcode module to enable the identification of employees and...

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  • WAL

    Architect® wall switch reader range! With its range of innovative Architect® Wal readers, STid has created the perfect blend of high security and slimline design. These RFID wall switch readers are...

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  • Architect® LEGIC®

    Architect® LEGIC® reader range! Discover and compose your Architect® reader from a wide range of features: mullion or standard card readers, capacitive keypad or touchscreen readers,...

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  • Interfaces

    Smart interface range! STid has developed decoders / interfaces to ensure data encryption and reader authentication using a RS485 serial link, to deport security parameters and keys to secure areas...

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  • Software kits

    High security software kit range! Discover our many software kits for RFID and virtual card programming, reader configuration, enrollment, development…

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  • Accessories

    Complete range of Smart accessories for high-security readers! Upgrade the functionalities of your high-security readers, enhance site security or simplify installation of your readers in all types...

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