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Customize your credentials with
STid Tag Service

STid created a fully dedicated department for customization products.

STid offers a wide range of multi-technology cards and other identifiers (contactless or contact chip, magnetic strip, dual-frequency, dual-interface, NFC, etc.): ISO cards, key holders, wristbands, disc tags, labels, etc.

As a service provider with a full industrial process, STid integrates all steps of design, research, manufacture, inserting, customization, routing services, specific packaging etc.

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Picture zoomed of a person using her credential

Graphic customization

  • Picture of a four-color printing credential solution for customizationFour-color printing (up to 3600 dpi)

  • Picture of a greyscale printing credential solution for customizationGrayscale printing

  • Picture of a sequential numbering printing credential solution for customizationSequential numbering printing

  • Picture of a barcode printing credential solution for customizationBarcode printing

  • Picture of a physical numbering printing credential solution for customizationPhysical numbering printing / Laser serialization

  • Picture of a metallic effect printing credential solution for customization

    Metallic effect printing

  • Picture of a laser and thermal transfer printing credential solution for customizationLaser, inkjet, or thermal transfer printing (key holders)

  • Picture of a graphical customization printing type of credentialHD graphical customization variable as overlay

  • Picture of a contact module insertion printing credential solution for customizationContact module insertion

  • Picture of a phone sticker printing credential solution for customizationPhone sticker or smart object integrated into the card

  • Picture of a multi-technology printing solution for customizationIndoor & outdoor multi-technology sticker (NFC, HF, LF, UHF)

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Security customizations

ID encodage2

Customized electrical encoding

The encoding of programmable badges makes it easier to implement your access control system.

  • Specific or standard programming
  • Numbering
  • Excel table of equivalence

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  • Writing of letters, matching, mail merge
  • Specific packaging (boxes, wrappings, etc.)



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