Hands-free & vehicle access

Hands-free & vehicle access

STid provides a full range of UHF EPC1 GEN2 long range readers and credentials. They are specially designed for all your hands-free, driver and vehicle identification and fleet management applications.

  • Vehicle access solutions

    STid has developed a comprehensive reader range for all your vehicle identification and fleet management applications. Many high-performance readers are available: integrated antenna, multi-antenna,...

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  • UHF AVI handheld terminals

    UHF handheld terminal range! STid’s handheld terminals are well designed for all your mobile data collection and on the fly identification applications to identify vehicles and / or their drivers...

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  • Software kits

    Software kit range for all your long range identification applications! Discover our many software kits for RFID card programming, reader configuration, enrollment, development, and more…

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  • Accessories

    Full range of accessories for 125 kHz and UHF readers! Discover our connection cables, swivel mounting kits and accessories for your identifiers such as card holders / UHF spacers, etc.  

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