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 Customize your access control to the colors of your business!

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Reader customization

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Credential customization

Display your corporate identity via multiple customization options.

Customize it with your logo and the colors of your corporate graphic charter!


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Custom know-how

STid Tag Service offers added value for your contactless identification applications by customizing graphic and technological elements of your tags and readers.

Our processes and equipment offer you tailor-made production, with responsive, high-quality customization.


Controlled data security

All your sensitive data handled by STid Tag Service is stored safely and confidentially (covered by a nondisclosure agreement).

All electronic customization services for cards and readers (encoding, mapping, etc.) are managed over a secure link.


Our DTP skills at your disposal

STid helps you produce your graphics.

A skilled team of graphic designers is ready to listen and help you with your customization needs.