STid Mobile ID® simplify managing and issuing cards by using virtual cards on smartphones, whether or not in combination with conventional cards.

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Why would you host access cards on your smartphone?



of employees consider access control to be obstructive at times.

STid Mobile ID® is offering a great user experience, which significantly improves the support of security policies and security systems. The security in private and public organisations benefits from Mobile ID deployments.



of organisations rely on third party infrastructures for their security systems.

STid Mobile ID® allows you to be in full control. The platform can run exclusively on your own private network if you prefer.



of companies believe their data is at risk.

STid solutions are secure by design. STid Mobile ID® is based on end-to-end security concepts. Both the storage and communication of data take advantage of modern encryption standards.



of the operational costs of card management are related to printing, customisation and distribution of the cards.

STid Mobile ID® significantly reduces these costs by enabling you to create, deliver and revoke virtual cards with just one mouse click.

Multi-application solution

  • Access control: employees, visitor management, workstation…
  • Services: restaurant, canteen, vending machine, coffee machine, printer…
  • Mobility: parking access, fleet management, car sharing…

Compatible with all systems

STid Mobile ID® integrates with your existing systems. All protocols are supported, including SSCP®, OSDPTM, TTL Data Clock, and Wiegand.


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Easy migration

STid’s multi-technology card readers facilitate a smooth transition to the use of Mobile ID.
The majority of card technologies are supported, including MIFARE® Classic, DESFire® and most proximity cards (125 kHz).

Cost-effective card management

No need to physically hand over cards to employees and visitors. No reason to lose cards.
Use the Mobile ID portal to issue and revoke cards efficiently and without delays.


Integrated with your access control system 

A comprehensively documented software interface (API) is available to support a seamless integration of STid Mobile ID® with your access control system.
This enables you to perform all tasks from your system, including the creation and revocation of virtual cards.

Your own mobile application

STid has released an extensive development library for smartphones and tablets.
This SDK can be used to customize the original STid Mobile ID® app or even feature STid Mobile ID® in your own corporate app.


The STid Mobile ID® application

The STid Mobile ID® application virtualizes your conventional access cards and stores them on your Android™ or iOS® smartphone. Virtual cards and conventional access cards can coexist.

The STid Mobile ID® app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store free of charge. A free virtual card is available for immediate use upon successful installation.

Download the app for Android™ and iOS®

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Application SMID

The STid Mobile ID® Portal

The STid Mobile ID® Portal is a core element of the Mobile ID solution.

This is where you create, manage, issue and revoke virtual cards.

  • Hosted in the cloud or on-premise
  • Multi-user and multi-site
  • Remain in full control of the management of virtual cards
  • Supports sub-accounts for resellers and key accounts

The SECard virtual card encoding software can be used to control your data offline.


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A range of readers

STid offers a complete range of access control readers that are compatible with STid Mobile ID®.

Our access control readers are based upon open contactless identification standards and are designed to support instinctive user interaction.

Configuration of the readers via smartphone

The free STid Settings® mobile application enables you to easily set-up the readers:

  • Remote reader configuration management
  • Selecting and configuring identification modes



A range of virtual cards tailored to your every need

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  • Identifier issued on download of application
  • Access user interaction

Upgradeable to Premium identification experience

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  • Manageable cards with custom programming
  • Full card customization
  • Card revocation function
  • Temporary visitor badge
  • Enhanced user interaction


Your Own Brand Identity

The STid Mobile ID® platform enables you to customize virtual cards easily and free of charge.

  • Front / Back
  • Card background
  • Logo
  • Identity photos
  • Fixed and variable data

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6 unique user interaction modes for instinctive contactless identification

Choose your preferred user interaction mode for contactless identification to make your access control more intuitive while keeping it secure.


Mode Badge 400x400

Icone Mode Badge 100x100

Badge Mode

Present your smartphone or wearable to the reader like a conventional access card.


Mode Slide 400x400

Icone Mode Slide 100x100

Slide Mode

Your hand becomes your access card.


Mode Tap Tap 400x400

Icone Mode Tap Tap 100x100

Tap Tap Mode

Tap tap the smartphone in your pocket to gain access.

Mode Remote 400x400

Icone Mode Remote 100x100

Remote Mode

Use the “remote button” to conveniently access car parks or other vehicle entrances.


Mode Main Libre 400x400

Icone Mode Libre 100x100

Hands-free mode

Simply walk towards the reader without any further action.


Mode Vocale 400x400

Icone Mode Vocale 100x100

Voice Command

SIRI voice command on your iPhone (iOS) or Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Integration

STid Mobile ID® can run on Apple Watch and supports various user interaction modes, bringing an instinctive user experience to iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Your wrist watch transforms into a secure access control card.

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End-to-end security control

Safety via smartphone use

For users, nothing is more convenient than a smartphone to gain access. By default, the smartphone is personal and always at hand whereas traditional physical cards require an additional object to be carried around with the accompanying risk of loss and theft


Multi-factor authentication

Increase the security level of your installation even further by enforcing that users unlock their smartphone (PIN, biometrics) when accessing the perimeter. In addition it is possible to use Architect Blue readers standard or random keypad module.

Secure data storage

STid Mobile ID® ensures the protection of access data stored in the phone via encryption and authentication methods. STid uses public RGS-compliant algorithms (AES-256 and SHA-2) to encrypt and authenticate data in the application using unique user keys. Security keys are not stored in the application.


ANSSI & FIPS compliant secure exchanges

STid Mobile ID® guarantees data authenticity and data confidentiality at every step of the IT chain: HTTPS - TLS exchanges, mutual authentication for each transaction, uniquely encrypted and signed data exchange...




Visuel smartphone sécurité de Mobile ID

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The Secure & Smart Communication Protocol (SSCP®) standardizes and secures the communication between physical and logical access control devices.

SPAC® is the European organization, supported by ANSSI, whose mission is to enable the independence and autonomy of organisations in managing their security by promoting open and sustainable solutions. SPAC® helps promoting the use of the SSCP® protocol throughout Europe to increase international security and safety standards. STid, a founding member of SPAC®, fully integrates the SSCP® protocol in STid Mobile ID®, as in all its solutions.