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Your smartphone becomes
your access key!

STid Mobile ID® moves access cards onto smartphones, alongside or instead of traditional RFID cards.

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Towards a world without constraint

With increasing mobility in businesses, a technological revolution is underway, based on interconnected resources, shifting access control
towards new uses and equipment. Smartphones offer new possibilities for interacting with access control readers.



of employees consider the access control 
as a constraint.


of companies will use
mobile access control by 2022.

of employees use their smartphone 
in the workplace.


5 identification modes for a unique experience

Virtual cards promote acceptance of and compliance with the Security Policy
of businesses, industries and governments

STid Mobile ID® is so user-friendly that it makes identification instinctive.


Choose your favourite identification mode and make your access options both secure and much more intuitive.


 mode badgeBadge mode

  mode slideSlide mode

mode tap tapTap Tap mode

mode remote Remote mode  mode mains libreHands-free mode

Slide. Come in!

Picture of a man using the slide identification mode



Your smartphone turns your hand into a badge you have with you at all times. This action initializes the communication with the smartphone which will grant the access, even if the device is in standby mode or on a phone call.

Icon for the slide identification mode


Slide mode

     See the video

Tap. Come in!

Open the door by tapping twice on your smartphone, even if you’re in the middle
of a hands-free call or if your smartphone is tucked away in your pocket.

icon for the tap tap identification mode

Tap Tap mode

     See the video

Picture of a women using the tap tap identification mode

Press. Come in!

Picture of a person in a car using the remote identification mode



Activate the remote mode to control your access points remotely.

Icon of the remote identification mode


Remote mode

     See the video

Other modes


mode badgeBadge mode

Place your smartphone in front of the reader as a standard card.


mode mains libreHands-free mode

Simply pass in front of the reader without other action.

    See our identification modes on video

Various virtual cards

STid Mobile ID® receives and saves an unlimited number of virtual access cards on your smartphone.

Download the app for Android™ and iOS

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STid offers three access cards types to meet your various needs

Logo of the CSN STid Mobile ID freeCSN STid Mobile ID® free

  • ID supplied on installation of the app
  • Multi-mode identification:

      Icon of the badge identification mode for the CSN

Logo of the CSN+ STid Mobile ID+CSN+ STid Mobile ID®+

  • ID supplied on installation of the app
  • Multi-mode identification:

      Icon the badge identification mode for the CSN+ Icon the slide identification mode for the CSN+  Icon the tap tap identification mode for the CSN+ Icon the hands-free identification mode for the CSN+

Logo of the virtual access card secure+Virtual access card Secure+

  • Private ID
  • Fully configurable security parameters
  • Multi-mode identification:

Icon the badge identification mode for the Secure+ Icon the slide identification mode for the Secure+ Icon the tap tap identification mode for the Secure+ Icon the remote identification mode for the Secure+ Icon the hands-free identification mode for the Secure+

Offline & Online architectures

Offline and Online architectures allow organizations to remain fully autonomous and independent in access rights management.

STid is the only company to provide a hosting service in your structure.



Web services

Our tools allow a perfect integration of STid Mobile ID® in your access control system

Icon for the connection to the access control system

Connection to your
Access Control System

STid Mobile ID® Portal is directly integrated in your access control system software.


Icon for the SDK STid Mobile ID

STid Mobile ID®

For third-party apps on AndroidTM and iOs

Customize the graphical user interface to adapt the App to your brand image.

Icon for the on-premise hosting


Host our platform within your own infrastructure with easy-to-integrate tools.


End-to-end security control

With top-level security certification (CSPN) from the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), STid secures and protects your data.

In addition to an integrated cross-level quality process within the company, we have implemented a constant auditing procedure with a number of external security audits (PHONESEC).

Download the audit certificate


multifactors iconSecuring smartphone Apps & users

Encryption and obfuscation methods

 Anti-reverse engineering development methods

Multi-factor authentication

Security audit

bouclier icon

ANSSI compliant secure communication

Data authenticity and confidentiality ensured throughout the communication chain

Use of cryptographic algorithms comply with international government standards

database key icon

Secure sensitive data storage

Secure storage using encryption and obfuscation methods

EAL5+ storage in the reader


Picture showing the security of the smartphone with STid Security


logo of stid settings

STid Settings is a virtual configuration card wallet which saves cards in your smartphone for configuring readers with ease.

  • Secure and unlimited storage of configuration cards
  • Unlimited configurations of the read distances for identification modes
  • “Get Configuration” tool to display information on reader configuration

Once you have downloaded the free App from AppStore or PlayStore, you can load your virtual SCBs via our SECard programming kit or our Web platform.

Easily configure the read distances for each identification mode using your smartphone, as many times as you want.


Download the App for Android™ and iOS

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Picture of a smartphone with the Architect logo on it

logo architect blue 415px

Multi-technology reader range

  • RFID MIFARE DESFire® 13.56 MHz, Bluetooth® (Low Energy), NFC technologies.
  • Most secure series on the market
  • Scalable and modular
  • Easy to install

See the Architect® Blue series




Picture of the Architect blue range compliant with STid Mobile ID