125 kHz & dual-frequency readers

125 kHz & dual-frequency readers

STid offers a wide range of 125 kHz (HID®, EM…) proximity and dual-frequency (125 kHz + 13.56 MHz MIFARE® / 3.25 MHz + 13.56 MHz MIFARE®) readers to easily manage all your technology migration projects.

  • 125 kHz proximity

    125 kHz proximity reader range! STid offers different types of RFID 125 kHz readers: standard or mullion, vandal-proof, encoder, keypad, ATEX & IECEx certified…

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  • Hybrid Dual Frequency

    Hybrid dual-frequency reader & interface range! STid offers a wide range of multi-technology readers and interfaces to accompany your migrations to the latest security levels (13.56 MHz...

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  • Accessories

    Complete accessory range for 125 kHz and Hybrid readers! Find out our spacers, configuration cards, DK enrollers / displays, and more.

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  • Software kits

    Complete software kits for 125 kHz and Hybrid readers! Discover our many software kits for RFID card programming, reader configuration, enrollment…

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