Workers' health is increasingly being monitored and regulated


Some companies have specialized in installing filtration systems for heavy equipment and vehicles operating in high-risk environments

However, they still need to comply with rules and ensure that filters are compliant and properly used


Client problem:

Eliminate all health risks for heavy equipment operators by ensuring optimized use of built-in filters and prevent all risks of fraud (expired filters)

The challenge: Offer a built-in tracking solution that can actively prevent the operator from working if tracked data is non-compliant

Our solution: A built-in automatic filter identification and use tracking system

The solution includes:

  •           A UHF tag
  •       Unit identification of filters and number of filtering hours embedded in their memories
  •           Built-in UHF reader
  •        Automatic check of filter presence and validity
  •           Built-in screen installed in the cab
  •       The operator can see the state of the filter system in real time
  •           In-cab alert system

                Warning triggered or the equipment cannot be started if filters are missing/expired or there is a problem with the filter system



  •           Reliable health and safety protection process
  •           Operator autonomy for managing filters
  •          Increased productivity

Fewer vehicles out of service for filter non-conformity

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