While the entire access control market is growing at a rate of 6.5% in 2021, STid is reporting a record revenue growth rate of more than 50% and, in addition, is presenting a very ambitious 2021-2026 growth plan.

After an exceptional year 2021, we are now entering a new stage in our strategic development. Being an European leader in contactless identification technologies already, STid is now planning to structure its corporate activities around a growth plan that is aimed at further international expansion. By 2026, 80% of our turnover is expected to be generated through export.

The challenges that our teams have taken up during the most delicate moments of the health crisis, show our ability to convert difficulties into opportunities. We made the strategic decision to position our supply chain in France to minimise supply times significantly and to ensure business continuity for our partners. We understand the value of high security to ensure national sovereignty.

Freedom is in our genes. Our development efforts are always based on the realisation of truly open, non-proprietary, systems., This approach is appreciated by our partners that have trusted our technology to secure the most critical infrastructures. Of course our partners and clients make their own autonomous decision about the level of security that is needed in their installations. STid makes sure that partners can select the right technology and configuration to implement corporate security policies and find balance in requirements related to security and usability. We actively support many Security Departments in their efforts to benefit from new and innovative ways to identify people, vehicles and other objects within their organizations.

“High security” is not a vague concept. Our solutions were designed, developed and produced with security in mind. Taking security serious is an absolute necessity to be successful when targeting international markets that are characterized by an exponentially growing number of physical and logical attacks at public and private entities. We have put enormous effort in being able to say that we ensure flawless end-to-end security by applying the SSCP® standard.

We are currently already taking the next steps as outlined in our growth plan: We are preparing our anchorage in the United States and we are opening new offices in Dubai. We value our freedom and our independency. Our eyes are fixed on the future with serenity.