ARC1S/BT - Bluetooth® + 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2 mullion readers

ARC1S/BT - Bluetooth® + 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV2 mullion readers

The Architect® One Blue is the most compact secure reader combining RFID cards with Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies. This mullion reader is specially designed for installation in small spaces. Compliant with existing access control systems, the Architect® One Blue reader identifies mobile phones thanks to many Prox or handsfree identification modes. It can work alongside or replace traditional RFID access badges. It integrates an EAL5+ crypto processor to improve data protection and privacy.


The most awarded access control reader around the worldbandeau logo Trophees STid 2017 V2

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The concentrate of our most ingenious ideas

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Easy to install

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The Architect® One Blue is a mullion RFID reader specially designed for installation in small spaces, for example on door frames or narrow flushbox mounting.

Its small size and intelligent design make it easy to incorporate into any installation environment with no spacer required (included on metal).

The plug-in/plug-out connector cable and the round mounting holes make the installation easier.

Download the installation note 


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Ensure secure migration

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The multi-technology Architect® One Blue range makes it easy to manage extensions, upgrades and technology migrations.

Readers can read:

  • NXP MIFARE credentials (Classic & Classic EV1, Ultralight® & Ultralight® C, Plus® & Plus® EV1, DESFire® 256, EV1 & EV2),
  • French Ministry cards (“Carte AGENT”, CIMS…) and civil aviation (STITCH),
  • CPS3 (IAS protocol) health cards,
  • smartphones compatible with Bluetooth® and NFC (HCE) technologies.

4 identification modes for a unique experience

Virtual cards promote acceptance of and compliance with the Security Policy of businesses, industries and governments.
STid Mobile ID® is so user-friendly that it makes identification instinctive.

Choose your favorite identification mode and make your access options both secure and much more intuitive!

mode badge

Card mode
by placing your smartphone in front of the reader.

mode tap tap

Tap Tap mode
by tapping your smartphone twice in your pocket for near or remote opening.

mode remote

Remote mode
by using your smartphone as a remote control.

mode mains libre

Hands-free mode
by simply passing in front of the reader.

See identification modes Play

Welcome to high security

Anssi flat

STid is the first RFID manufacturer to have received First Level Security Certification (CSPN). 
It’s a recognition of our unique know-how, the technological and security expertise that are implemented
in your access architecture, whether new or existing.

The Architect® One Blue reader uses the latest MIFARE® contactless chip technologies with new data security mechanisms. 

All public encryption algorithms can be used (3DES, AES, RSA, SHA, etc.), which are recommended 
by official data security agencies (such as the French national agency ANSSI).


The Architect® One Blue series uses an EAL5+ cryptoprocessor to improve protection and privacy.

End-to-end security control

With top-level security certification (CSPN) from the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), STid secures and protects your data.

In addition to an integrated cross-level quality process within the company, we have implemented a constant auditing procedure with a number of external security audits (PHONESEC).

Download the audit certificate


multifactors iconSecuring smartphone Apps & users

Encryption and obfuscation methods

 Anti-reverse engineering development methods

Multi-factor authentication

Security audit

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ANSSI compliant secure communication

Data authenticity and confidentiality ensured throughout the communication chain

Use of cryptographic algorithms comply with international government standards

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Secure sensitive data storage

Secure storage using encryption and obfuscation methods

EAL5+ storage in the reader


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The SECard software lets users, installers and integrators easily:

Outils Secard

  • securely program user RFID and virtual cards,
  • create master physical or virtual badges for programming readers,
  • manage keys and security configurations.


See the flyer


  • 100% local sandboxed programming
  • Autonomous management for securely programming RFID and Bluetooth® user cards
  • Configuration and reconfiguration of readers
  • Protection and confidentiality of user cards and the master card
  • Plug & Play tool
  • Fully compatible with AGENT, CIMS and STITCH cards
  • Complies with General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 and Standard EN16571

Best market self-protection

The innovative tamper protection system protects sensitive data and gives the possibility to delete the authentication keys (patented solution). Unlike the current solutions on the market, the reliability of the accelerometer based technology avoids it being outsmarted.

 Bouclier Arc One

Standing the test of the time

Design to push the boundaries, the Architect® One Blue reader design has been developed to withstand harsh environments, to operate outside (IP65 level) and to offer a high impact resistance (IK10).

Download the resistance reportCrashTest2 web 250x196

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Let your imagination flow

A signature reflects personal style choices. The design of Architect® One Blue readers is immediately recognizable, with a dynamic and elegant style, featuring clean, pure lines. STid offers a range of customization options to tailor your reader to your corporate identity and integrate it fully into its installation environment.

A spectacular experience

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"Skin effect" new customization technology

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Download the "Skin effect" catalog

Data sheet

  • Frequency
    Frequency: 13.56 MHz + Bluetooth® (Low Energy)
  • Standards
    Standards: ISO14443 types A & B, ISO18092 / Certifications: CE & FCC
  • Chip
    Chip: STid Mobile ID® (virtual card), Orange Pack ID + MIFARE Ultralight® & Ultralight® C, MIFARE® Classic & Classic EV1, MIFARE Plus® (S/X) & Plus® EV1, DESFire® 256, EV1 & EV2, NFC HCE, SMART MX, CPS3, PicoPass® (CSN only), iCLASS™ cards (CSN only)*, French Ministry cards (“Carte AGENT”, CIMS, STITCH)
  • Functions
    Functions: read only CSN or private ID (sector/file) / Secure Protocol (Secure Plus)
  • Interfaces
    Interfaces: TTL - Protocol Clock&Data (ISO2), Wiegand (optional ciphered - S31), RS485 (optional ciphered - S33)
  • Reading distances
    Reading distances: 0 - 6 cm / 0 - 2.36’’ with RFID / 0 - 20 m / 0 – 66 ft with Bluetooth®
  • Power supply
    Power supply: 9 - 15 VDC / Consumption : 150 mA/12 VDC max
  • Material
    Material: ABS-PC-UL-V0 (black) / ASA-PC-UL-V0 UV (white)
  • Color
    Color: black or white - Other possibilities for cover customization
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)
    Dimensions (h x w x d): 110 x 42 x 22 mm / 4.33’’ x 1.65’’ x 0.86
  • Operating temperatures
    Operating temperatures: - 30°C to + 70°C / - 22°F to + 158°F
  • Protection
    Protection: reinforced vandal proof structure IK10 / Accelerometer-based tamper detection system
  • Resistance
    Resistance: IP65 Level excluding connector - Weather-resistant with waterproof electronics (Certification CEI NF EN 61086) / Humidity: 0 - 95%

*Our readers only read the UID/Chip Serial Number. They do not read secure HID Global’s iCLASS™ cryptographic protections.


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Part numbers


Picto R Read only

Secure - TTL Wiegand / Data Clock:

Secure / Secure Plus - TTL Wiegand / Data Clock:

Secure - RS485:

Secure / EasySecure decoder - RS485:

Secure / Secure Plus - RS485:

Secure / Secure Plus / EasySecure decoder - RS485:

picto RW Read / Write

Secure - SSCP RS485:

Secure - SSCP2 RS485:

Secure - OSDPTM RS485:

X = A - Rugged cable outlet, B - Plug-in/Plug-out connector cable
y: color casing (1: black - 2: white)

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