With sensitive data on the move and increased mobility in business, implementing advanced security solutions for identification and data protection has become essential.

Select an access control is protect people, goods and data. Confidence in the solution must be commensurate with what is at stake.
When choosing a card/reader solution, it is important to express simple, basic requirements:

  • prevent a third-party from copying your access cards,
  • not have to depend on a third-party for creating access cards,
  • prevent credentials from being substituted or emulated.

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ID card, your access key

It is the first link in a security chain that must be uniform and consistent: card, reader, system.

STid enables you to specify, create and manage encryption keys that protect your data.



Stay in control of your security  :

  • Specification of keys and creation of master cards without external intervention.
  • Autonomy and freedom to change the system or its security settings, or supply new cards.
  • Storage of sensitive data within your organisationStorage of sensitive data within your organisation


High security

STid has developed a simple system for implementing a secure data chain for your access control application.

  • Protection of card data
  • Protection of card & reader communication
  • Physical and logical reader protection
  • Protection of system communication

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First RFID manufacturer to have received First Level Security Certification (CSPN).

open technologie

Technological independance

Our technologies are based on non-proprietary and open technologies compatible with all access control systems via use of approved public security algorithms and interoperable technologies (RFID, NFC HCE, Bluetooth® Smart), based on international standards (ISO 14443 types A & B, ISO 18092 etc.).

Complete control and overall consistency of the information chain

Schema info

1 bis

Protecting card

Threats: copies, modification

Countermeasures: secure encryption, algorithms public-key cryptography in EAL5+ chips

2 bis

Protecting communication between card & reader

Threats: recording, interception, play back

Countermeasures: authentication and encryption

3 bis

Protecting reader from physical and logical threats

Threats: substitution, retrivial of key data

Countermeasures: secure parameter loading and storage, self-protection

4 bis

Protecting communication with the system

Threats: tapping, interception play back

Countermeasures: authentication and encryption

Modular & scalable architectures for easy migrations

STid offers multiple options compatible with your systems: Plug & Play connection for easy major technological migrations without having to rethink the whole system.


  • Secure read only

    Lecture seule securisee EN

    The reader communicates with the card autonomously. Architecture compatible with all systems on the market.

  • Read only and secure communication with decoder

    Lecture seule et communication securisee avec decodeur EN

    Decoder / Converter supporting the SSCP protocol, integrated into the secure area. 
    Plug & Play architecture instantly compatible with all systems on the market - no development needed. 

    Two versions available:
     - Encrypted RS485 – Plain TTL 
    - Encrypted RS485 – Plain RS485

  • Read/write for transparent readers

    Lecture ecriture pour lecteurs transparents EN

    Dynamic control of reader, securities and secure protocols integrated along the whole chain.

  • Decoders for transparent readers

    Decodeurs pour lecteurs transparents EN

    EasyRemote (read only) interfaces  are  used  to  transfer  security  mechanisms  and  key  storage  into the secure area.
     The transparent reader does not contain keys and security is ensured across the chain.

  • Decoders for transparent readers

    RemoteSecure EN 1

    The RemoteSecure interface (read write) is used to transfer security mechanisms and key storage in secure area. The transparent reader does not contain keys and the security is guaranteed across the chain. It is compliant with the ANSSI architecture number 1.

Secure communication protocoles

logo sia osdp

SIA member « Security Industry Association », STid offers readers 100% compliant with OSDP™ protocol:

  • Bi-directional communication - can add security features for connecting card readers to control panels.
  • Signature, encryption
  • Selection of communication method and security level - V1 (plain communication) and V2 (Secure Channel Protocol - SCP secure communication).

logo sscp

The open STid Secure Common Protocols (SSCP and SSCP2) provide security between reader and management system, enabling AES encryption and mutual “reader-controller” authentication before communication.

  • Open, non-secret protocol
  • Cryptography using public algorithms
  • Reader authentication (session keys)
  • Signature, encryption
  • User key management
  • Choice of communication method and security level (plain, signed, encrypted, signed and encrypted)

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  • 100% local sandboxed programming
  • Autonomous management for securely programming RFID and Bluetooth® user cards
  • Configuration and reconfiguration of readers
  • Protection and confidentiality of user cards and the master card
  • Plug & Play tool
  • Fully compatible with AGENT, CIMS and STITCH cards
  • Complies with General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 and Standard EN16571


The SECard software lets users, installers and integrators easily:

  • securely program user RFID and virtual cards,
  • create master physical or virtual badges for programming readers,
  • manage keys and security configurations.



SECard, how does it work ?


Schema Interactif vierge



Configuration card created 
and 1 encryption keys defined.


User RFID and virtual cards programmed using the encryption keys defined.


Readers programmed using my configuration card - they only recognize my cards.


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