125 kHz accessories

125 kHz accessories

For easy installation and programming of your 125 kHz readers, our range of accessories meets all your needs.

BCK – Bases for 125 kHz LXS and LXE readers


Picture of BCK accessories by STid Security






Choose the BCK base / spacer to space your LXS and LXE
readers 7mm from the wall or to mount them on metal surfaces.


Part numbers:
For LXS reader - black: BCK-LXS/NO
For LXE reader - black: BCK-LXE/NO


  • Mounting on metal surface
  • Strong and subtle design

Tamper-proof fastening kit for the AVX reader


Picture of tamper-proof fastening kit by STid Security



Choose the tamper-proof fastening kit for 125 kHz AVX readers.

It includes:

  • 4 snake-eye tamper-resistant screws
  • 4 knurled brass barrels
  • 1 bit for snake-eye screws.


Part number : KIT-AVX


  • Vandal proof
  • Strong

KIT-BC - 125 kHz configuration card kits


Picture of a KIT-BC by STid Security





Simplify management of communication protocols by
choosing 125 kHz configuration cards.


Part number: KIT-BC


  • Easy to configure
  • Simple management

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