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CCT - 125 kHz ISO cards

CCT - 125 kHz ISO cards

The RFID 125 kHz ISO cards (ISO7816 format) are well designed for all your proximity access control and identification applications. Several chip technologies, with or without magnetic stripe, are available: EM, ATMEL...

Technologies available

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*Contact us if you would like to order another technology.

Let your imagination flow

STid Tag Service creates added value in your contactless identification applications by visual and technological customization of your RFID identification tags. STid can meet all your requirements thanks to its tailor-made customization service. Our processes and equipment offer you bespoke card production, with fast response times and high quality customization.

Create your own corporate card

  • Impression quadrichromie (jusqu’à 3600 dpi)Full color printing (up to 3 600 dpi)
    +variable data: surname, first name, job title, ID photo, etc.

  • Impression monochromeMonochrome printing

  • Impression numérotation séquentielleSequential numbering printing

  • badges code barreBarcode printing

ID encodage2

Customized electrical encoding

The encoding of programmable badges makes it easier to implement your access control system.

  • 125 kHz standard programming - Sequential or physical numbering
  • 125 kHz HID® compliant programming - Sequential or physical numbering
  • Magnetic stripe configuration
  • Excel table of equivalence

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Additional services

  • Writing of letters, matching, mail merge
  • Specific packaging (boxes, wrappings, etc.)

Security customization options

Multiple accessories are available

  • Spacers / Flexible and rigid badge holders
  • Lanyards Cords
  • Clips and straps

See all our accessories "Cards & credentials"

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  • Frequency
    Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Material
    Material: PVC
  • Color
    Color: White - Customizable
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)
    Dimensions (h x w x d): 85,60 x 53,98 mm / 3.35'' x 2.09''

Plans badgesCCT

Part numbers

TK4100 chip - 40 bits pre-coded - Basic:



 logo EM 2020


EM4200 chip - 40 bits pre-coded - Basic:


EM4200 chip - 40 bits pre-coded - Basic + ISO magnetic stripe:


EM4200 chip - 40 bits pre-coded - High quality:


EM4200 chip - 40 bits pre-coded - High quality + ISO magnetic stripe:


EM4550 chip - 1 kbits:



 logo atmel


T55x7 chip - 8+32 bits programmable:


T55x7 chip - 8+32 bits programmable + ISO magnetic stripe:


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