Identifier accessories

Identifier accessories

Our range of accessories meets all your identifier cover needs.

Crystal rigid card holder


Picture of a crystal rigid card holder





Crystal rigid card holder Secure crystal rigid card holder in polypropylene with 1 side opening.


Part number : PB-IDP-65

Polycarbonate rigid card holder


Picture of a polycarbonate rigid card holder






Frosted polycarbonate rigid card holder - Horizontal.


Part number: PB-IDS-69

UHF card holder


Picture of an UHF card holder





Polypropylene UHF card holder with 1 cm spacer for optimized identification.


Part number: PB001



Picture of a lanyard







Polyester fine satin lanyard (10 mm wide) - Secure break system - Black plastic zip.


Part number: TC-ZIPPB

Metal clip for card holder


Picture of different types of metal clips for card holder






Card holder clip with reinforced strap and metal snap button.


Part number: Pince001

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