PCG - Dual-frequency HYBRID graphic key fobs 125 kHz + 13.56 MHz

PCG - Dual-frequency HYBRID graphic key fobs 125 kHz + 13.56 MHz

DESFire® EV2 dual-frequency RFID 125 kHz + 13.56 MHz key fobs simplify your access control system's migration to advanced security levels. With a compact and extremely rugged shell, the PCG will take you through the harshest of environments. Its contemporary design makes it easy to attach a key, ring or card lanyard.

Make your technological migrations easy

STid created the 125 kHz + 13.56 MHz Hybrid dual-frequency card range that draws on two identification technologies for easier migrations.

tableau PCG Hybrid

*Contact us if you would like to order another technology.

Let your imagination flow

STid Tag Service creates added value in your contactless identification applications by visual and technological customization of your RFID identification tags. STid can meet all your requirements thanks to its tailor-made customization service. Our processes and equipment offer you bespoke card production, with fast response times and high quality customization.

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Customized electrical encoding

The encoding of programmable badges makes it easier to implement your access control system:

  • Programming – Sequential or physical numbering 125 kHz - 13.56 MHz
  • Excel table of equivalence

service express

Express services

STid offers a 1 to 2 weeks* express customization service:

  • Laser marking of a logo
  • Physical number printing
  • Logical number printing
  • Programming - Numbering

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Additional services 

  • Writing of letters, matching, mail merge

  • Specific packaging (boxes, wrappings, etc.)
*Only available on standard black version.

Data sheet

  • Frequency
    Frequency: 125 kHz + 13.56 MHz
  • Standards
    Standards: ISO14443A
  • Material
    Material: Polyamide 6
  • Color
    Color: Black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, grey - Several customization possibilities
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)
    Dimensions (h x w x d): 45 x 30 x 2.2 mm / 1.77'' x 1.18'' x 0.08'' (+/- 0.2 mm)
  • Operating temperatures
    Operating temperatures: - 25°C to + 50°C / - 13°F to + 122°F
  • Resistance
    Resistance: Shock, dust and water resistant

Plans PCG US

Part numbers

 logo nxp mifare ref


13.56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 4K + 125 kHz 40 bits pre-coded read only chip:


13.56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 4K + 125 kHz 8+32bits programmable:



y: color available (1: black - 2: red - 3: blue - 5: green - 6: yellow - 7: white - 8: grey)



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