Primacy SSCP® Printer

Primacy SSCP® Printer

The first SSCP® printer for your secure cards.

The Primacy SSCP® printer has been specifically designed to provide a card publishing solution for contactless identification and high security access control applications. It integrates the SSCP® secure communication protocol, supported by SPAC® and ANSSI.

A printer combined with an SSCP® high security encoding module

The Primacy SSCP® printer is equipped with an MS2 encoding module, incorporating the latest generation of the open SSCP® protocol. This ANSSI recommended protocol ensures security with encoding cards.

The printer supports the encoding of the latest MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 contactless chip technologies with their new data security features:

  • Secure Messaging EV2: a secure transaction method that protects against interleaving and replay attacks.
  • Proximity Check: protection against relay attacks.


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…Ultra versatile...

The Primacy SSCP® printer is a revolution in the card printing market!

It is an essential asset for your medium or large volume printing, offering one of the fastest print speeds on the market and a high capacity feeder.

From the simplest to the most secure cards, Primacy SSCP® can do it all, as it can also create very complex cards with its encoding options, holograms, laminates, UV effect, and much more


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Secure Encoding

  • Using Cardpresso card personalisation software
  • Using SECard® secure encoding software
  • Possible integration of the SSCP® encoding module in your system


  • Printing head with reinforced protection

Clean design

  • Timelessly elegant appearance
  • Compact size

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Welcome to high security

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STid is the first RFID manufacturer to receive the First Level Security Certification (CSPN). It guarantees a unique know-how as well as a perfect technological and security control in all your access architectures.

The Primacy SSCP® printer uses the latest MIFARE® contactless chip technology with the latest data security features. It allows the use of public security algorithms (3DES, AES, SHA, etc.) that comply with the General Security Baseline (RGS) recommendations of ANSSI.

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The Secure & Smart Communication Protocol (SSCP®) standardizes and secures the communication between physical and logical access control devices.

SPAC® is the European organization, supported by ANSSI, whose mission is to enable the independence and autonomy of organisations in managing their security by promoting open and sustainable solutions. SPAC® helps promoting the use of the SSCP® protocol throughout Europe to increase international security and safety standards. STid, a founding member of SPAC®, fully integrates the SSCP® protocol in all its solutions.

Multiple printing capabilities

  • Edge-to-edge, single-sided or double-sided* printing
  • Colour sublimation / Monochrome thermal transfer
  • Rewrite technology for rewritable cards

Protection of printed data

  • Data deletion and scrambling with digital erasing & Kineclipse®*
  • Mechanical locking of the printer by key*

High performance printing and autonomy

  • Up to 280 cards per hour (single-sided colour printing)
  • 100 or 200 cards loader* (200 card loader can be integrated on site)
  • 300 dpi printing mode
  • Colour adjustment via colour profile

Intuitive operation

  • LED panel or LCD screen* with QR code display for user support
  • Evolis Premium Suite with optimized user experience on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Printing from smartphones and tablets
  • CARDPRESSO card personalization software

High security and durability of issued cards

  • Multiple encoding options
  • UV* effect printing
  • Double overlay* printing
  • Scanner*

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Part numbers

Imprimante Primacy SSCP® – Intégration SECard & Cardpresso : PRINT_PRIMACY_5AA
Imprimante Primacy SSCP® SSCP® v2 – Intégration SSCP® v2 : PRINT_PRIMACY_5AD


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