SWEDGE 13.56 MHz -13.56 MHz credential enrollment kits

SWEDGE 13.56 MHz -13.56 MHz credential enrollment kits

The ideal RFID 13.56 MHz enrollment tool for use with all your applications!

The SWEDGE enrollment kits allow you to enroll the serial number of the identifiers in all your applications. With its ergonomic interface, the SWEDGE enrollment kit allows easy enrollment of your 13.56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 identifiers, via keyboard emulation.

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  The enrollment in an easy way

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13.56 MHz credential enroller

The enrollment system can also be configured using the SECard application in order to read a private number. The SWEDGE enrollment software reads the CSN number or private number of the card depending on the configuration (SCB).

The SWEDGE 13.56 MHz kit includes:

  • ARC-G 13.56 MHz desktop reader / enroller
  • USB stick including SWEDGE software

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User-friendly interface

The SWEDGE enrollment software is intuitive, practical and user friendly. The software and its interface have been designed to make it quick and easy to enroll card ID’s.

Settings can be configured and adjusted using the interface, and the data format can be set to hexadecimal or decimal. The format of the data displayed can also be adjusted – for a display in bits or digits, as required.


Easy setup

The enrollment reader communicates with the SWEDGE software via a USB connection (optional RS232). The system comes with installation USB stick for quick installation.

Part number

SWEDGE 13,56 MHz USB kit:


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