Converter cables

Converter cables

Easily connect your Architect® readers to your business applications.

RS485 - USB WEDGE converter cable



Easily connect your readers to your computer, printers or other business applications using a USB WEDGE output.

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This cable can be used for keyboard emulation and for displaying ASCII characters via the RS485 serial link.





Part numbers: 

Architect® readers version: CNV_485_HID

Architect® One mullion readers version: CNV_485_HID_ARC1


  • Plug & Play
  • Keyboard language management (AZERTY / QWERTY)
  • Configurable: communication speed, upper or lower case input etc.
  • Compatible with Architect® and Architect® One readers (cable version with connector)

USB / RS485 converter cable






This cable allows you to get information from the reader to
your PC serial port.

It provides power and also allows you to upgrade the firmware.


Part numbers:

Architect® readers version: CNV_USB_485

Architect® One mullion readers version: CNV_USB_485_ARC1


  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Architect® and Architect® One readers

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