SMA - SPECTRE UHF high-performance module

SMA - SPECTRE UHF high-performance module

The power to secure and streamline your vehicle gates!

The discrete, flexible, compact and totally secure SMA is a high-performance UHF EPC1 GEN2 module, offering RF power of up to 32.5 dBm. It can easily be connected to one to four antennas for all your vehicle identification or fleet management applications, even in the harshest environments.

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Let the Good Go, Kick the Bad Out. Without Delay.


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Smooth and secure vehicle access control


SPECTRE accept the challenge of fast-track security for your vehicles access, making it both secure and extremely smooth. When combined with the v2 UHF antenna, our ultra-high frequency identification module revolutionizes security and makes it much more discreet by doing away with the need for antenna wires.

Developed on the EPC1 Gen2 standard, the international standard ISO18000-63 and the UHF passive technologies, SPECTRE offers unequaled reading distances of up to 13 m / 42.65 ft *, and optimum reliability for greater vehicle access fluidity.

Exceptional performance makes SPECTRE the fastest reader on the vehicle identification market.

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The highest security levels

STid is the first RFID manufacturer to have received First Level Security Certification (CSPN).
It’s a recognition of our unique know-how, the technological and security expertise that are implemented in your access architecture.

The SPECTRE module provides proven security levels and allows users to sign UHF credentials using encryption methods recognized by official data security agencies (such as the French national agency ANSSI). The signed EPC mode allows for faster identification and anti-cloning protection of UHF IDs while providing excellent reading performance.



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Reader are compatible with the communication protocol SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol - OSDP™ V1 and V2.

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Readers are compatible with the latest generation of open protocol SSCP (STid Secure Common Protocol). This protocol recommended by ANSSI uses data encryption (AES) and two-way “reader-controller” authentication to ensure security before any communication is allowed between the reader and the management system.

Easy integration

SPECTRE is compatible with standard communication interfaces ensuring a transparent integration in any type of access control system, new or existing. 
It supports many communication interfaces such as Wiegand, Data/Clock, as well as serial RS232 and RS485 connections.
For more fluidity, the reader can be controlled by ground loop or presence detector.

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Simplified scalable installation

Up to 4 antennas can be connected to the SPECTRE module to cover all security issues and all configurations. Designed to be fully scalable and modular, it allows to manage up to 4 access lanes for a mixed fleet of vehicles (light, heavy, motorcycles...), whether identification on wide lanes or even distinct access control for 4 lanes of vehicles. 



  • Modularity of the module

  • Flexible and connectable cable
    in series up to 12 m / 39.4 ft

  • Reduction of roadway costs

  • Saving space

Examples of possible configurations

  • 1 lane identification of heterogeneous vehicles: car, truck, motorcycle…

    identification parc spectre US
  • 2 lanes vehicle identification

    identification 2 lanes spectre
  • Identification at a same time of static or moving vehicles on several lanes

    identification 4 lanes spectre

Standing the test of time

The SPECTRE enhances vandal-proof structure IK10 to withstand knocks and malicious acts. It is IP66 and designed for outdoor installation in harsh environments: vibration, dust, heavy rain, sea air, etc.

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The ULTRYS kit makes you autonomous in programming your UHF SPECTER reader fleet and your user credentials.

Easy to use, the UHF programming software is a practical tool that is quick and intuitive to use.


Manage your configurations in 3 stepsordi Ultrys web

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of the configuration


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of the reader via 
UHF card or USB cable


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of user credentials


  • New ergonomic design

  • Enhanced levels of security

    • Protection of configuration

    • Authenticated encryption of the EPC

  • Various configuration tools 

  • Multi-user and multi-rights management

  • Expert mode encoding



Green Conception by STid


Its green design means that SPECTRE reads fully passive credentials (no batteries).

The module can be operated by a ground loop or a presence sensor.




Certified OEM design quality process

Our expertise and know-how in contactless identification (RFID, Bluetooth®, NFC, etc.) have made STid the leader in France and one of the top European players in the design and production of UHF equipment.
In addition to a quality insurance incorporated into every level of the STid, we implemented a industrial engineering process dedicated to overall project management.


process oem secu EN

Audit phase

  • Assessment of existing systems and opportunities (RAMS process with functional assessments of risks, reliability)


Creative phase

  • Recommendation of technologies and technical solutions, with financial (ROI), organizational, human and technical impact assessments (standards, certifications)


Project Management     phase (Project owner,   Project manager)

  • Specifications drafting, project planning/scheduling, resource management


Design phase

  • Architecture design
  • Electronic, electrical and equipment design
  • Production
  • Firmware development


Qualification phase

  • Quality control
  • In-house and laboratory testing
  • Onsite testing


Integration phase

  • Implementation of the solution


Support phase

  • Technical and operational training
  • Change management support
  • Follow-up and support


  • Frequency
    Frequency: UHF
  • Standards
    Standards: ISO18000-63 / EPC1 Gen 2 - 2 versions: low band 865 - 868 MHz / high band 902 - 928 MHz / Certifications: CE, ETSI, FCC Part 15, UL
  • Chip
    Chip: EPC1 Gen 2
  • Functions
    Functions: Read only - EPC, FAST ID or signed EPC
  • Interfaces
    Interfaces: TTL: Data Clock (ISO2), Wiegand / RS232 / RS485
  • Reading distances
    Reading distances: Up to 13 m / 42.7 ft with the ETA label and the TeleTag® windscreen tag depending on vehicle type and installation conditions
  • Power supply
    Power supply: Typ. 12 VDC (9 - 36 VDC) / Consumption: 1.2 A / 12 VDC
  • Material
    Material: aluminium
  • Color
    Color: blanc
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)
    Dimensions (h x w x d): 271.7 x 175.3 x 43.5 mm / 10.7’’ x 6.9’’ x 1.7’’ (general tolerance following ISO NFT 58-000 standard
  • Operating temperatures
    Operating temperatures: 25°C to + 65°C / - 13°F to + 149°F
  • Protection
    Protection: Reinforced vandal-proof structure IK10
  • Resistance
    Resistance: Certified IP66 -Weather-resistant with waterproof electronics / Humidity: 5 - 95%

*Caution: information about the distance of communication: measured from the centre of the antenna, depending on the type of identifier, size of the identifier, operating environment of the reader, temperature, power supply voltage. RFID tag performance is influenced by its position on the windscreen, and depends on the windscreen type. The heat-reflective (or climate comfort) windscreens have a metallic film that blocks radio waves. Performances can be impaired. Use the non-treated area of the windscreen.

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Part numbers

Picto R Read only









picto RW Read / Write






RS485 OSDP™:



x: versions = 4 - low band 865 - 868 MHz; 5 - high band 902 - 928 MHz


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