ULTRYS v2 - UHF EPC1 Gen2 programming kits for SPECTRE readers

ULTRYS v2 - UHF EPC1 Gen2 programming kits for SPECTRE readers

A must-have tool for all your UHF contactless identification applications!

The ULTRYS v2 kit allows you to be fully independent in configuring your SPECTRE UHF long range readers with different security levels and encoding your UHF credentials.

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SPECTRE UHF programming
in an easy way

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Keep control of your security with ULTRYS v2, your user-friendly tool

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Management of readers and security settings

The software gives you the possibility to manage - create, update or delete - the configurations of your SPECTRE readers: standards, lane configuration, input/output parameters, light indicators, interfaces / communication protocols, security levels, data formats...

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User credential encoding

ULTRYS v2 can also be used to create and update user cards or vehicle credentials (ISO cards, key holders, windshield tags or labels, etc.). Flexible and ergonomic, the software allows you to import existing lists and generate multiple programming formats.


  • 100% local sandboxed programming

  • Autonomous management for securely programming UHF user credentials

  • Configuration and reconfiguration of readers by SCB configuration badge or USB

  • Protection and confidentiality of user cards

  • Plug & play without any development

  • Complies with General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 and Standard EN16571

Manage your configurations in 3 steps

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of the configuration


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of the reader via 
UHF card or USB cable


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of user credentials

Intuitive and ergonomic interface

Easy to use, the software guides you step by step through the configuration of the reader to facilitate the management of reader parameters, authorized technologies and security keys.

  • Home page ULTRYS v2

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  • Frequency band regulation

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  • Configuration protection loaded into the reader

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  • Reader selection

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  • Antenna type selection

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  • Installation configuration

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  • Light indicator configuration

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  • Communication protocol

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  • User management

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  • Configuration save and protect

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Equipment included in the kit


  • Desktop reader / encoder: STR UHF - USB interface compliant with ETSI 866 MHz (Europe), FCC Part 15 915 MHz (USA), Morocco, Australia and New Zealand
  • UHF encoding software - LOGULTRYS
  • USB cable / Micro USB to connect the SPECTRE reader to the PC
  • 2 ISO UHF EPC1 Gen2 cards with SCB configuration

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Part numbers

ETSI (Europe) version:


FCC (USA) version:


Morocco version:


Australia version:


New Zealand version:


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