Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories

Simplify the installation of your Architect® readers in all environments.

Deko decorative plate


plaques deko


You will value Architect® access control readers even more with their Deko decorative plate.

Traces of obsolete technologies, faded paint and holes in walls, decorative plates make it easier to install and integrate your Architect® reader in your environment.

For a technological migration that does away with the traces of the past.




Part numbers: 

For Architect® readers

Black version: PLA-DESIGN-ARC-NO 

White version: PLA-DESIGN-ARC-BL 


For Architect® One readers

Black version: PLA-DESIGN-ARC1-NO 

White version: PLA-DESIGN-ARC1-BL 


Many possibilities of customization



  • Simplified management of technological migration
  • 2 sizes for all types of readers
  • Installation possible without disconnecting the reader
  • Customizable: material effect, logo printing...

Spacers for Architect® and Architect® One readers


SE8 double


Stackable adapter spacers with cables holes for mounting Architect® and Architect® One mullion readers.

External dimensions for Architect® readers:
101.6 x 53.8 x 57.15 mm ( 4'' x 2.11'' x 2.23'') / Between-center distance: 83.3 mm (3.27'').

External dimensions for Architect® One mullion readers:
101.78 x 42.17 x 6 mm (3.97'' x 1.66'' x 0.24'') / Between-center distance: 72 mm (2.83'').

You can also stack bases to space the reader from the wall.



spacer seul



Part numbers: 
Architect® readers version:
Black version: PLA-ADAP-V2-ARC-NO
White version: PLA-ADAP-V2-ARC-BL

Architect® One mullion readers version:
Black version: PLAQ-ARC1-NO-V2
White version: PLAQ-ARC1-BL-V2


  • Stackable bases with cable holes
  • Bases compatible with European and North American flushboxes
  • Strong and subtle design

TBLOCK_ARC1 - Plug-in terminal block for Architect® One readers


Tblock web





This accessory allows you to simplify the installation of the Architect® One mullion readers (cable version with connector) with the plug-in terminal block.



Part numbers:


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Waterproof tropicalized card
  • Compatible with Architect® One Blue readers in connector version (B)

SE7 - Mounting plate for biometric module


SE7 accessoires

Choose the ultra-strong metal mounting plate to strengthen your biometric readers in high-risk or busy areas. Two versions are available for the various readers.

  • Versions for ARC-D readers (card reader + biometrics)
  • Versions for ARC-E readers (keypad reader + biometrics)
  • Versions for ARC-F readers (touchscreen reader + biometrics)


Part numbers:

ARC-D and ARC-E readers: SE7-ARC-DE-02

ARC-F readers: SE7-ARC-F-02



  • Strong & vandal proof
  • Subtle design

SE1 - Smart Mounting Plate








Choose the Smart Mounting Plate for wall mounting on
all types of surfaces (including metal) – compatible with
European flushboxes.


Part number: SE1/y
y: casing color (1 black - 2: white)


  • Installation on European flushboxes
  • Compatible with all Architect® readers
  • Strong and subtle design

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